The Cities and Towns Surrounding Dallas

Dallas is the ninth largest city in the US, it has a population of about 7 million people, and it is known for its diversity in culture, food, fashion, etc. This city is rich in resources, it’s also surrounded by other wealthy cities, which are not too far from it. Dallas’s metropolitan area is like a tourist center, different people from other parts of the country usually come to this city, to have a glimpse of what it feels like be in a town where there is lots of food, clothing, gadgets, and others to choose from. Dallas has a good historical background, as the founders of this city really took their time to lay a good foundation, that’s why it’s a common place in the US. This city is mostly popular for its arts and culture, as its arts district is considered the biggest urban arts district in the nation of the US. The museums in this city are full of sculptures, landscape paintings, crafts, historical artifacts, few collections of Asian arts, etc.

Dallas's performance hall is the biggest

Dallas’s performance hall is the biggest in the US, it hosts lots of theater shows, concerts, local productions, and others. The museums in the city are worth visiting, it’s a must-see, by every artist or person who really loves art. There are museums that are always crowded with people, so instead of coming to the museum for free, you have to get a ticket. Fair park is the largest in Texas. Lots of citizens come to the fair park all year round, to have fun, play games, and to do other activities that make them happy. It’s an attractive place in Texas, even in the United States itself. For those women who love shopping, then this is the right place to be, as the city has lots of shopping malls, where different varieties of products are sold for an affordable price, and the shopping malls are world-class, so it’s better than other malls in Texas.

The Cities and Towns Surrounding Dallas

What are the cities near Dallas? There are about 35 cities or towns that surround Dallas, these cities have a good population, but it can’t be compared to Dallas’. First Austin TX, which has over 900, 000 individuals, and it’s only 300 kilometers from the big city, that’s a few minutes drive. Oklahoma isn’t as populated as Austin, the city only has 600, 000 people, and it’s just 300 kilometers from Dallas TX, which is close to Austin. Houston TX is farther from Austin, Oklahoma, about 600 kilometers from Dallas’s main gate, but it has the highest population, which is about 2, 000, 000 citizens. Tulsa is 620 kilometers away, with a population of 400, 000 indigenes, while San Antonio is about 700 kilometers, with 1, 300, 000 citizens living in it.

These cities listed above are the most-populated in Texas, however, there are other cities, but those aren’t as populated as the towns listed here. Fort Worth is the closest city to Dallas’ metropolitan area, it was like a town in Texas because of its low population and small surroundings.